Working with Helen's taste, we came to a simple an elegent logo. It uses the typface Futura, and consists of only its outline. It is meant to make a statment of conviction without taking attention from Helen's art work.

The color pallet was carefully chosen for simplicity and poignance. Using the standard black and white with a dash of Swiss red, refering to Helen's place of birth.

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Stepping out of the digital, we created business cards which we felt would bridge this analogue and digital world. Keeping the simplicity developed on the digital interface, while utilizing the tactile expereince to engague the user to rotate the card as they read, as well as allowing for custom notes in the center.

date: Summer 2016
type: Web Design, Graphic Design

client: Helen Suter
locatoin: Hudson NY, USA

web development:
Kasimir Suter Winter
graphic design: Karinan Gataullina