We work together,
on projects we love.
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Looking for a new way to work?

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and find out what it's like to work with peers, not bosses.

We are a growing community of architects, designers and entrepreneurs who believe that we can work better together. By eliminating the top down hierarchy of traditional design firms, we are decentralizing the workplace and giving individuals back their freedom. Working together and sharing jobs, we can achieve more than anyone of us could alone.

We envision a collective network incorporating the immense capacity of passionate people from different fields of expertise, breaking down the typical silos of profession. Unlocking the spark of true innovation which lies between the well trodden paths of modern segregated science, in the systems understanding of complex interdependence.  In order to use design as an instrument of innovation, to endow resources with new capacities for creating value.

We believe that individuals and communities that foster self-organization can be more impactful and purposeful. So we are doing just that!